Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding in the Summer

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     Simply Fresh continues to help clients with outdoor wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions. They can be beautiful, but they can quickly become out of hand and unbearable for you and your guests. The following tips are some things we consider and suggest when we know one of our couples are considering an event outdoors.         


  • Beware of the weather! You want to make sure to keep in mind the time of year you are getting married. Maryland and Virginia summers can be hot and humid; you should have fans and cold drinks available to guests, especially if your ceremony is outside.


  • Always make sure to have a Plan B. Rain won’t ruin the day, but your guests won’t be very comfortable sitting on wet chairs and having their wedding attire soaked through. Make sure to talk with you event coordinator about a tent or moving the party indoors if needed.


  • Keep the bugs away. Incorporate sprigs of thyme, lavender, rosemary, and mint into bouquets, centerpieces or even tie them onto the chairs at the beginning of every row at the ceremony. These herbs act as a natural pesticide, keeping some of the possible bugs at bay.


  • Plan your menu around the weather. In July, nothing is more refreshing than a cold watermelon salad or a melon gazpacho to cool you off a bit. Keep in mind your guests will be warm, so a hot heavy meal will not really go over too well.  A cold green bean salad is a nice alternative to traditional roasted vegetables. Make sure to check in with your chef to ensure your menu is appropriate according to the weather.


  • Be aware of what time everything is scheduled. If you want beautiful sunset pictures, confirm the time and make your event coordinator aware, so events like the toasts, the first dance, or cutting the cake are not scheduled at the same time. Plan ahead, that way you will not have to sacrifice the pictures that you want because your cousin chose to give the world’s longest toast with a story about when you were 5.


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  1. Olivia says:

    Nice Work done.

  2. As wedding is the very auspicious occasion for the one and no one wants to spoil the very special ocassion and if anyone wants to place this event at the out door then it is a awesome idea as before thinking of organising a wedding at the outdoor just check the weather forcast and if you have organised then you should ready with your alternative plan so as to avoid any distractions at the time of the wedding.

  3. Gerty Gift says:

    I liked what you said about having a plan B for the wedding if anything goes “wrong”. I had never thought to recommend something like this to my sister. We’ll be sure to come up with something for her so that she can still have her perfect day.

  4. Amelie Yates says:

    Wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing all the information regarding this. It was worth reading your post. You have mentioned some valid points and the way of your writing is excellent. I think it’s very important to discuss everything with the planning of a summer wedding. So that there will be no misunderstanding later. No doubt the information you shared here will help people regarding this.

  5. I like how you mentioned that if you have an outdoor wedding, you should make sure to have a plan B and think about getting a tent. My sister is getting married this summer and has decided to have it outside. I will definitely pass along all of your great tips and information to my sister so she can successfully plan her outdoor wedding.

    • Nicole Ryan says:

      Thank you Brooklyn! I hope she has a lovely wedding! We have found that having a tent can save a lot of headaches on days when the weather isn’t great, and the day can continue without any hiccups even when it’s raining.

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